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Now Casting .us- Your best choice to find everything you need as an actor. This site provides information about auditions, casting calls, open calls, print jobs, modeling jobs, movie auditions and any other filed that belongs to the acting world.  We list casting call and open auditions from all over the internet. Agents, managers, modeling agencies and casting directors can now find the specific models, actors, and extras that they are looking for with a click of a button. Although Actors Access .Us is mainly for actors, it is also a great solution for models, singers, dancers, musicians, and many other fields in the performing arts. If you're considering a modeling career, you can probably get your break by using this site and have a modeling agency sign you up, or do it by yourself online by submitting your electronic profile to any modeling jobs listed on our site. Nevertheless, it is the most important tool for actors and extras from all over the world so they could search for acting jobs and extras jobs. Finding acting jobs modeling jobs and extras jobs are just the tip of the iceberg from the extensive free features we offer.

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Our goal is to provide you everything we can for free! That includes a free online profile with many pictures, an online resume, bio, demo reel and most important unlimited auditions and casting calls. We also have a few unique features that no one else has and you can get them all for free when you sign up to be a member of the Actors Organization. Those features are, but not limited to automatic submissions, advanced search engine listing, automated uploading file system for sides and demo reels.

The most important thing of all - we are the official Actors Pages (Trademark Company). Which means that we provide the ultimate solution for actors and models by helping them to be found. All an actor needs to do is to list in contact info (Agent and/or manager is recommended), upload his pictures, create a resume and we will do the rest. After that, when someone click your name or a project you participated in, your profile will come up immediately, allowing the browser (director, producer or casting director) to see your contact info and to either call your representative or Instant Message you through our site. The site is for all performers: Union actors, Non Union actors, kids, adults, experienced actors and beginners.

Do you want to find acting jobs for kids, tryouts, film casting and pageants for the young ones? Young models and young actors and extras could get noticed by casting directors, modeling agencies, managers  and agents using our site.  Please keep in mind that when attending an audition, open calls or casting calls, young performers should always be escorted by an adult.

With our site casting directors and production companies can cast an entire project from start to finish with the click of a mouse by setting up talented actors, musicians, models and dancers with tryouts for great projects, such as movie auditions, acting auditions and pageants. And it's all for free! FREE means FREE!

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Ask any casting director what matters most when an actor shows up to an audition. Most will say, "They need to be prepared." (Showing up on time can't hurt either.)

These should be obvious, but it's surprising how many actors make a bad impression with something as simple as inappropriate behavior. It can knock you out before you step into the ring. Remember: Casting directors already have the job — you don't. So you need to prove yourself to them, not the other way around.

Other suggestions we heard from CDs: Avoid unnecessary chit-chat. Don't linger in the room for too long after you read. Stay away from using most props. And avoid making physical contact with the casting director during your audition.

A feeling of desperation is another sure way not to get a callback. Never view an audition as nerve-wracking nightmare, or make it look that way. Consider each audition an opportunity: A chance to perform for an audience — albeit a small one. Or walk into the audition saying, "No matter what happens, I'll do the best I can today." Remember: The casting director is not here to judge you harshly; he or she simply wants to find the perfect person for the role. That could be you.

Actors sometimes seek out coaching for auditions, but primarily for large film/TV roles, or for admittance to an MFA program. Many believe it is worth the expense — if only for the boost in self-confidence. In last-minute emergencies, actors even resort to phone coaching, although that's not an ideal situation.

However, with or without coaching, one trap to avoid is too much preparation. Read the sides carefully but don't freeze your approach — you may be asked to change it. Longtime coach and acting teacher Craig Wallace says he never sends actors out 100 percent set for the audition. "If you're over prepared, you have no flexibility," he says. "And you don't know what 50 percent of the process is until you walk into the room.

"You can't have the piece controlling you. You have to leave room for the circumstances of where you're going to be."

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